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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Summer '05 bag is finished. . .now working on a cardigan for my nephew.

I went out this morning to Fabric Place and bought cute summer fabric to line my summer bag, finally--now that it is the end of July. . .
**This pattern is from the premiere issue (Fall '04) of Woman's Day Knitting & Crocheting.

bag handles from

Finished bag:

lining inside (I hand-sewed in while sewing up the side seams of the bag with yarn):

I'm currently working on a cardigan for my nephew who was born this past April. It's in Tahki Cotton Classic in a chocolate brown color. I plan to put sports-themed buttons on it when I'm finished.
**The pattern is from the old Knitting Digest called Precious Jewel Baby Set {there's matching hat, booties, and blanket}. It used to be available free online but now that the magazine is Creative Knitting, I don't see it anymore. If interested, I'd email the editor at Creative Knitting and inquire about the July 2003 issue and this pattern.

closeup of the stitches:

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Blogger Michele commented at 4:30 PM~  

Nice bag! I even love the lining! Way to go!

Blogger *karen commented at 2:47 PM~  

I like the stripes...can't wait to see the cardigan :o)

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