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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Let's try this again . . . .

I pulled out the entire baby hat that I knitted a little over a week ago with the leftover sock yarn. It was just too big. Despite following gauge instructions (I had correct gauge), I felt that 16.5" inches around was too big for a newborn. So . . .

Getting about 7 stitches to the inch, I cast on with my size 3 needles 96 stitches or 24 stitches on each of 4 dpns.

I then worked about 3/4" in k4,p2 rib instead of the roll bottom that I did earlier.

I worked the crown even for 5 1/2" because I like a hat to come way down over the ears with room to play with.

Then I decreased 4 stitches evenly spaced. 92 stitches remained.

Dec Rnd 1: *k2, k2tog; rep from *

There will remain 69 stitches.

Work one row even.

Dec Rnd 2: *k1, k2tog; rep from *

There will remain 46 stitches.

Work one row even.

Dec Rnds 3, 4, and 5: *k2tog; rep from *

There will remain 6 stitches.

Work I-cord for desired length--I tied in a knot.

I'm pleased with the finished result--this one will fit!


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Blogger laughingrat commented at 12:08 AM~  

I think the pattern actually knitted up even prettier this time!

Blogger BerryKnitty commented at 7:54 PM~  

Thanks, I agree!

Blogger waltergonzo2389 commented at 8:30 PM~  

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