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Friday, February 17, 2006

Future knitting plans.

I'm almost done with the second sock for my mother and as I'm kind of anxious to start knitting for my baby, am getting sick of knitting socks right now.

I love these pewter lamb stitch markers I got off Ebay. They add whimsey and a bit of 'bling' to my knitting.

I love this pattern and plan to do this next for the baby. I don't think I'll add the embroidered embellishments as I am not a hand sewer at all. I love this magazine, Creative Knitting. I like it much better than that frou frou Interweave Knits. I think the patterns in Creative are much more realistic, down to earth, and do-able. It's the old Knitting Digest. I canceled my subscriptions to everything (incl. Vogue Knitting and Knitter's) along with Interweave and am only going to continue with Creative Knitting. The yarn is, yes, acrylic. It's Caron Simply Soft. I'm one of those mom's who loves the ease of washing and no hassle of acrylic for babies and does not find it scratchy. I prefer knitting with wool, but for certain things, acrylic, I feel, is best. No 'yarn snob' here.

I also have yarn (acrylic again), Caron Cuddle Soft for an afghan that requires size 3 needles and fine yarn. It'll take me forever, but I plan to start it after the hooded sweater above. I hope to have it finished by end of summer at the latest.


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