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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thinking about my next project (a Christmas stocking for my daughter)

I got a shipment this week from Herrschners. I find them to be perfect for this sort of yarn purchase since they offer me free shipping every once in a while.

I decided on purple for her stocking because it's a Christmas color (sort of) and girl-ish. I got purple and lavender.

I think I'm going to make the main stocking purple (darker color) and the toe and heel lavender (lighter color). The snowflake (fair-isle) in the pattern will be in Aran--which I have extra leftover from mine, my husband's, and my son's stockings.

I swore I wouldn't start this until after I finish that darn blanket and I'm going to stick to that!

This isn't knitting-related but I'd share a picture of a Pink Lady Slipper that is growing in the park where I take my walks. It's beautiful.


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Blogger laughingrat commented at 12:06 PM~  

The flower is really pretty! I think other photos are fine in a knitting blog, but maybe that's just my bias since I include them too.

The colors of the stocking are really pretty. It will look great!

Blogger BerryKnitty commented at 6:23 PM~  

I agree about the photos!! Keeps things interesting (not that knitting isn't!).

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