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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

embossed leaves?

After drooling over Alison's sockapalooza knitting and her rendition of the embossed leaves socks using Lang Fantomas, I can't stop thinking of getting this yarn and trying to knit myself a pair. Eventually.

I think back when I subscribed to Interweave Knits that I may have *gasp* thrown this issue out so instead of purchasing Favorite Socks which has the embossed leaves pattern in it, I scoured the city of Boston searching yarn shops for the Winter 2005 issue:

and I found it for a total of $7.34 at Newbury Yarns! Now, on Newbury Yarns--I have mixed feelings on this yarn store. I love it's convenience to where I work in the city, but the prices are ridiculous and today I discovered that the website no longer comes up (I checked their link out of curiousity because I noticed someone different running the shop today when I walked in). The new owner, or so I think it was the new owner, was rude. She didn't seem to care that I was there to purchase anything and as I stood at the register, she kept listening to this knitter go on and on and on and on and on about his needles and this and that and what's best, etc. instead of excusing herself to help someone that was actually going to BUY something, that someone being me. Granted he was there first, but HE actually had to tell her to go help me. Common sense--does it exist anymore? Then I commented on the adorable crochet teddy bear on the table and she just smirked and shrugged her shoulders in a snobby way. Well, I wanted this issue so badly, that I wasn't going to let her reaction deter me from purchasing it. But I will never purchase another thing in that store again. I scampered out with my prize in hand, never to return again. Weird phenomenon, these LYS owners, very weird. Alison, I feel like your kindred spirit in a weird sort of way--the embossed leaves calling my name, the rudeness I experienced today, wow.

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Blogger Laughingrat commented at 12:05 AM~  

Oo, what an unpleasant or maybe just utterly senseless person. I keep hearing that yarn shop owners are notoriously rude--I'd add cliqueish to that description. For the most part our yarn shop owners here are quite nice, probably because they *are* nice, and have also heard so many complaints about ones who are not.

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