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Saturday, March 03, 2007

golden opportunity

to finally knit something for myself. I've started the "Gypsy Mesh Pullover":

and I must say that as for gauge, well, I'm winging it. I think I'm a-okay but will of course check throughout. You had to swatch in pattern stitch and there is a decent amount to keep track of in the pattern stitch with all the yarn overs and well, I just didn't feel like swatching (bad, bad, bad and I may come to regret this decision later).

The yarn isn't too bad to work with, not a lot of give to the cotton and for me not having a ball winder or a swift, I'm risking a really bad tangled mess with this stuff but I have a system and as long as C the 11 mo-old doesn't mess with this system, I should keep my sanity with the yarn. I love the gold color and as that's what attracted me to the project in the first place along with the design, I'm keeping it as it called for in pattern.

I hope my finished result turns out well.

The Good & Plenty socks are finished! Now, I have to get them to my sister as this was supposed to be a Christmas 2005 gift:

Note to self: must never underestimate the fascination an 11-mo-old has with the bright blue 'on' button for the computer. This is my second attempt at writing this!

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Blogger Laughingrat commented at 4:56 PM~  

That is really pretty. It's going to be a comfortable but elegant garment when you're done! Looks like there's lots of ease so to me that translates into lots of room to fudge gauge. ;) Good luck!

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