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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Baking, knitting, and . . . .

I made this delicious raspberry and blackberry tart from the barefoot contessa cookbook that my mom picked up for me at a yard sale about a month ago.

AND all the berries are from my backyard. You see we live in the house my grandfather built and it has about an acre of land --and just about all of it is in the back--huge, beautiful yard--we really are lucky to have it. It's very private too. Anyway, there are all these golden raspberry, red raspberry, and blackberry bushes just bursting with berries this time of year. It's such a treat and while picking or whenever I'm out in the yard, I can't help but think of my grandparents who have since passed. My grandfather had such a knack for gardening. There's wildflowers, some strawberries, he ALWAYS had a vegetable garden--a HUGE vegetable garden with anything you could imagine. And well, we try to too, never like grandpa though.

I plan to bring the tart tomorrow when we visit friends at a cottage near Cape Cod.

Ya, and I've been knitting, really, I have--STILL this:

I can't wait to finish it and hope to wear it out with friends when we go out in August--I better move it. Just not motivated lately . . . new job preoccupying the mind and all.

I got Plymouth Jelli Beenz for C's dress--she loves the yarn as you can see!

the yarn bandit strikes!

and I bought this with another 'health' gift cert!

it looks to be a book right up my ally.

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Blogger Laughingrat commented at 11:43 AM~  

The tart looks delicious. You sound very busy!

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