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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

This is what happens when . . .

diaper rash, teething (need I say more).
wants to know why this and why that; where this toy is where that toy is.

both at the same time and,

it's hot

it's humid and

I'm trying to knit.

I'm nuts.

And so I frogged the front piece back quite a way (oh, and this is also because I never moved my lifeline up--because the above would never happen to me):

at least the cotton is in nice, neat little balls now. From now on, the knitting will wait until the kids are asleep and I have peace and quiet. No matter how often that is. I know what you're thinking--I may never get any knitting done.


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Blogger joyce commented at 12:50 AM~  

I know what you mean...I have so many unfinished objects plus I need peace and quiet or else I will lose count in my knitting patterns.

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