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Friday, July 18, 2008

Baking, etc.

Yes, I've been baking in this extreme heat we've had these last couple of weeks here. Don't know why I get the urge to bake in the heat, but I love to bake and I guess the heat just doesn't stop me.

I made oatmeal raisin cookies

and the 'grab 'n go crunchy granola bars' from The Sneaky Chef book for the kids (they love 'em)

and would it be summer without my brown sugar zucchini bread? It's been breakfast for me--I'm the only one in the house that'll eat it. Go figure.

and a blueberry upside-down cake!

I finished 'fixing' B's twisted cables pullover sweater. I pulled out what I did on the collar to fix it originally because it just didn't fit over his head--too tight (after being too loose). I picked up 88 original cast-on stitches and did 2x2 rib, then decreased after about a ½ inch to 84 stitches went up another ½ inch and bound off in rib. It fits better now and hopefully this collar doesn't stretch beyond oblivion. I also added about three inches to the length of the sweater--he might be able to wear this for a while now!

I also found a monarch egg--caterpillar hatched this week!

And isn't this cute? I had to include it in my blog post. It's a honey bear bottle filled with Dial soap on our bathroom sink. I got the idea in a magazine--Good Housekeeping/Woman's Day/Parenting? Funny thing is that they mentioned where you could purchase the plastic bear containers--I just used an empty honey bottle from making those granola bars! I think it's cute, especially having young kids in the house.

To the dog-days of summer!

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