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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Catching Spring and Knitting Fever.

Last weekend armed with some Mother's Day money--myself, my husband, and the kids drove to The Creative Stitch in Hingham, MA. AND they were having a sale! My husband even brought up going because I've had my nose in the knitting books again--well, you don't have to ask me twice!

My husband (who works with someone who knows he has a wife who knits and recommended the place) eventually ended up taking the kids outside for a little walk because I got 'lost' in the yarn-buying. Initially I wanted to get yarn for sweaters for B--I even brought my notes with everything written down of yardage/weights/colors needed--but ended up getting sock yarn instead:

Plymouth Yarn's Happy Feet:

isn't this a gorgeous colorway for Fall socks?

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Tickled Pink (I love pink):

Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox--sooo soft!!!!!

I cannot tell you how nice the salespeople are in this shop. We talked sock-knitting and one very helpful saleswoman in particular showed me the socks she was wearing that she had knitted and also retrieved the ones she was working on from out back (I could have stayed there all day talking socks but I kept guiltily thinking of my husband and kids outside probably wondering what the H*** I was doing in there!). I even walked away with two links to two free online sock patterns that I've since downloaded. They said to come on in anytime if I ever needed help knitting something--I'll definitely be back.

The existing socks on the needles are coming along given my new knitting energy:

The same day, after lunch, we even stopped at Saftler's in Whitman, MA. A place I've taken a few knitting classes and owe my sock-making know-how to. I found a true stand-by yarn, Plymouth Encore Bulky, to make a top-down sweater for B in.

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