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Sunday, February 21, 2010

An unexpectedly crafty weekend.

Sitting around early Saturday morning thinking of what to do. . . . I suggest going somewhere 'exciting.' "Saftler's!" My son was like, "That's not an exciting place Mommy!" We had seen the clip on Nick Jr. of the mom cheerfully making "Moose and Zee" pillows and I had that in the back of my mind before we trekked to the yarn store. Exciting for mommy anyway.

Any of you moms and dads with young kids reading this will appreciate the lovable Nick Jr. characters Moose and Zee!

The kids started acting bored in the yarn store (who can blame them honestly), so I took my son to the felt section and asked him if he wanted to make Moose and Zee. He lit up "YA!!" he exclaimed.

So I purchased enough felt for two Moose and two Zees. I found the perfect colors--everything fell into place. I had fabric glue and poly-fill already at home. Off we went, back home to whip them up just like the mom on Nick Jr. did.

Until, that is, a footnote in the pattern (Nick Jr.) confirmed my original thought that they should really be sewed together, not glued.

So I dragged the old Singer downstairs. Let's just say after an afternoon of trying to thread it with hubby (even he, who never gets frustrated was getting frustrated) and eventually discovering that the tension knob was broken; telling the kids to "Get away!" "Stop stepping on the templates!" My hands sore from cutting felt all day.

We looked nothing like the cheerful scene on Nick Jr.

At the point of no return, we made a desperate call to my mother and father-in-law (my mother-in-law is quite the sewer), we took the hour drive to their house (mind you, it was already 6 pm at this point), with the Singer in the back of the car and the moose and zee pillows in tow. After a delicious spaghetti dinner, my mother-in-law expertly sewed the pillows together perfectly!

The kids were placed into their beds already asleep when we arrived home and I glued the felt face pieces onto the pillows (they're still drying):

The kids love them and a BIG SHOUT OUT TO BOB & DIANE--THANK YOU!!!!

I'm also working on C's owl vest. I got the eyes (in violet) in the mail yesterday from Glass Eyes Online and boy did they get shipped quickly! I'll be using these folks again.

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