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Friday, August 24, 2007

You say tomato?

Yield thus far:

zucchini: 10 or so. Three breads made. Maybe a fourth.

bell peppers: 5 or 6

butternut squash: 4 picked; one small runt growing/ripening on vine. Not as big of a crop as last year's 20+ or so. Hoping to save two to have for Thanksgiving.

cucumbers: 5 or 6--again, not as big of a crop as prior year.

pumpkins: 2--one real big one and one real little one. Both still ripening on the vine.

tomatoes: approx. 75 and counting!!!

But what's really funny is that two different neighbors of ours have left us vegetables on our doorstep from their own gardens reciprocating what we did last year (they probably think that because they didn't get any from us this year that we didn't have a garden of our own--but it is only because I haven't had the time to bag them up and walk over with them--good thing I suppose!).

After inundating co-workers with some--lugging bags of tomatoes in on the subway--I look like I just came from Haymarket Sq.--I may put some in a food processor and freeze for sauce, to make with lots of paste. Who has the time for canning? I did this last year and it's wonderful.

garden loot from last week:

tomatoes picked just last night--I counted 40:

pizza I made last night for dinner on a whole-wheat crust using tomatoes from our garden:

**knitting progress?**
second sleeve is almost finished--¾ done--and then the seaming will commence on the beautiful Gypsy Mesh. I hope to have the finished pics up and posted the first week of September.

Happy Friday,

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Blogger Joanne Rendell commented at 6:13 PM~  

that pizza looks heavenly. there's nothing like tomatoes picked fresh, is there? yum

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