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Sunday, December 09, 2007

I love this sweater!

B's twisted cables pullover from Kids' Knitted Sweaters & More is a challenge but yet still not difficult to knit--it's rated intermediate and that's about the skill level I like. The cotton is beautiful to work with and I love the color. The twisted cable yoke has proven to be a bit of a pain, I've tinked back a few times where the increases have gone wrong when I've gotten interrupted or daydreamed--I'm looking forward to the yoke being finished so I don't have to concentrate so much! The 'make one' knitwise and the 'make one' purlwise's are getting old.

I've put the sock aside for now--just need to finish the foot and toe, oh and then do a whole other one. . . .

I still need to get that ribbon for C's dress/jumper!

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Blogger joyce commented at 1:00 AM~  

Can't wait to see the sweater finished. I haven't had the energy(or time) to knit another sweater for Ava. I've bought yarn (that still is sitting in a bag).

Blogger Joanne Rendell commented at 10:02 AM~  

the socks look so fun (and warm). my feet are always so cold. i'm going to have to learn to knit!

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