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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fall is a favorite time of year.

I love the Fall. Pumpkins, apples, my birthday, Halloween, B's birthday, Thanksgiving . . . . getting ready for Christmas . . . .

It's been a month since my last post here. Not that I had nothing to blog about here--that's definitely not it. Just that life got in the way. In a good way.

Work has been crazy-busy. It looks like Tuesday will be my work-at-home (WAH) day. I've had the laptop for months now, have had the VPN access for a while too and I could WAH now, but it's my decision to wait until the first of the year. I want to have 'face' time right now & learn the job more.

The corp. job tends to get in the way of my more important job . . .


we apple-picked in Bolton, MA:

and just today I peeled, chopped, measured, sifted, and stirred and ended up with:

apple crisp:

apple pie:

and I'm making a 'butternut squash and apple soup.' In case you're wondering when I do this: C's NAP-TIME & B is usually outside working with dad in the yard.

and the KNITTING!

C's dress:

C's dress should be finished by now--I'm disgusted with myself that it's not . . .

as well as . . .

the heart baby blanket
(I decided it may be going to my cousin and not a co-worker--co-worker's tend not to appreciate handmade gifts--at least some--and well, I can't deal with that, and so I won't)

But as you can see, it's coming along and the knitting is still here and I'm still plugging along . . . . somehow.

I will be re-visiting blogland soon, I have missed u all!

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Blogger Joanne Rendell commented at 11:19 AM~  

the pie looks heavenly! and your kids are adorable. let me know when they start their blog!

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