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Monday, January 10, 2011

V's blanket.

Started this in August and finished last week.

An afghan to keep baby V warm this winter (my husband's cousin's new baby girl).

It's a pattern from a Leisure Arts pamphlet called "Lacy Baby Afghans." Pattern name is Diamond Pattern Afghan by Mary Ellen Yanich.

You might be amazed at how many of my knitting bags contain half-finished baby blankets that might have been meant for your new wee one, dear reader. It's nothing personal--my own son's blanket is in one of those bags lying around the house. That's right, he never got a blanket from his knitting-mom. My daughter on the other hand did. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Blankets are lovely, but boring to knit and if you get a blanket from this ADHD knitter, consider it a miracle.

Moving along to my current work-in-progress:
Lion Brand's Berry Sparkle Scarf. Mine is not very berry. I substituted with my own colors -- same brand yarn called for in pattern, just different colors. Not sure how I like my colorway, but I think once the next band of color is started, I'll have a better idea.


Do you have a hobby? If you do not, I encourage you to make it your resolution this year and find one.

Find something that allows you to create, develop, or use your imagination (or all three!). Whether it be photography, woodworking, gardening, reading, bird-watching or small engine repair, a hobby allows you to get passionate and focus on something other than the every-day mundane.

I know a woman who no longer works. She doesn't read, doesn't cook, doesn't sew, doesn't garden. No hobbies. So my question is this, what on earth does she do?
I myself grew up in a household where you were encouraged to find something to do (other than sit and watch tv). Both of my parents garden and cook. My mom crochets. My dad tinkers with engines and woodworks. I cannot imagine life where there was nothing to do but meddle in other's affairs or always going out to eat because you can't cook. The horrors!

I am also a better mom because I have interests outside of the home.

I work in the city and found three amazing women who I will be knitting with on Wednesdays in a conference room. You never know who you will find that shares your interest.

To quote Bethenny Frankel from "The Real Housewives of New York City," "GET A HOBBY!" You will be a more interesting, well-rounded individual for it.

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